Cell Phone Backglass Repair

Have broken backglass on your iphone or samsung phones? 

Who we are

Cellphonebackglassrepair.com is a branch of Airlink LLC that has been in business for over 15 years. Having repaired and sold hundred of thousands of cell phones, tablets and computers, we know a thing or two to help you with all your comunication needs.

Cell phones & computers 

We don't just repair backglasses, we fix other cell phone and computer issues too! We work on all major brand like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google, Dell, Acer, HP, Compaq... and are constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to be THE source for all your communication hiccups.

Our other services

LCD screen replacements

Data retrieval

Technical support for indivisuals and groups. 

Water damaged

Softwares and hardwares updates

Refurbished cell phones, tablets and computers.

Top Reasons Why Choose Us!

We're trusted and loved!

We're trusted and loved by the community.

Katherin P. writes: My family's been buying used phones/accessories here and having them serviced by Minh for years now. He's always stood behind his products...

Mary T. writes: I have used Airlink for many years now for phone repairs and have ALWAYS received service that is above and beyond...

We know what we do!

We know what we do! Often times, customers are sent to us from other repair shops for the more challenging issues with cell phones and computers that are beyond their capabilities.   

Jessica T. writes: My phone got the black screen of death and would not charge. I took it to 3 cell phone stores in Eugene and they all told me there was nothing they could do... I asked around and a friend who lived in Portland recommended AirLink... was able to pull my photos and data, which was all I cared about....

We stand behind what we offer!

All repairs come with lifetime warranty. If our job is sloppy (not likely!:)) or the part is defected, we take care of the problem with zero cost to you. Unless it's cleary determined it's user's fault. Refurbished cell phones, tablets, computers come with 30 (thirty) days try out for full refund and/or exchange. 50 (fifty) days for any defects. Please ask for more details.


Our customers say about us

Simply put: The best customer service that you will find in this business. I've done business with Airlink for years, and I've never left the shop not feeling satisfied and appreciated. 

Sunrise Eternity

This shop has everything. Repairs, service, the latest phones. Minh is very knowledgeable and helpful. A community asset!

Fred King

Excellent customer service very helpful in many aspects of phone(s) and computers. I HIGHLY recommend this small neighborhood business ...

James McNeese